About AMS

AMS is a consultancy offering a comprehensive range of services in aerodrome management, including construction, maintenance and operation.

Due to increased demand the company's staff now consists of two approved aerodrome inspectors, qualified workplace trainers, a works manager, a technical writer, an engineering assistant, a design draftsman, two aerodrome operational advisors and 3 aerodrome managers.

The director, Kevin Thomas, is a qualified surveyor with substantial experience in the above disciplines. AMS can offer a professional skill mix providing comprehensive services on a broad range of tasks.

AMS works at all levels in airport-related works from investigations, operations, consulting, inspecting and surveying, origination of pilot documentation through to construction in a consulting role.

AMS offers advices and services in the following areas:

  • inspection and survey
  • site location
  • design
  • construction in a consulting role
  • general advice
  • staff training
  • plans
  • aerodrome manuals
  • relief managers & refuellers
  • runway painting
  • runway sweeping & rolling
  • supply of markers & windsocks
  • runway lighting installations
  • PAPI (slope guidance) installations