Aerodrome Equipment

AMS, through its established relationship with many providers throughout Australia, is able to source excellent quality aerodrome markers and equipment. AMS holds limited stock in Perth so for large orders, stock will come direct from the factory.

AMS is able to source all equipment for your aerodrome.  The below list provides a guide of some equipment you may need for your aerodrome.  Contact us and advise of the quantity of items you would like and we would be happy to put a quotation together for you:


AMSF001 A0003 - Standard cones white 750mm Dia, 500mm H, 4 S/S eyelets
AMSF002 A0004 - Standard cones colour 750mm, Dia, 500mm H, 4 S/S eyelets
AMSF003 A0015 - Mini cone white 400mm Dia 300mm H, GRP, 3 S/S
AMSF004 A0016 - Mini cone colour 400mm Dia 300mm H, GRP, 3 S/S eyelets
AMSF005 A0005C - Unserviceability slip-on band for AMSF001
AMSF006 A0005 - Unserviceablility marker 750mm Dia, 500mm H, 4 S/S eyelets
AMSF007 A0005B - Unserviceability cross white 6m (4 Parts, 3m x 0.9m each) (16 pegs needed)
AMSF008 A0056L - Poly-Fabric Unserviceability Cross Large (36m x 1.8m x 2)
AMSF009 A0056S - Poly-Fabric Unserviceability Cross Small (6m x 0.9m x 2) (16 pegs needed)
AMSF010 A0006 - Gable 3000mm L 500mm H white (6 pegs needed)
AMSF011 A0007 - Gable 3000mm L 500mm H yellow
AMSF012 A0008 - Gable 1500mm L 500mm H white
AMSF013 A0009 - Gable 1500mm L 500mm H yellow
AMSF014 A0040 - Pegs Galvanised steel - 350mm each
AMSF015 A0050W - Windsock 12' white
AMSF016 A0050Y - Windsock 12' yellow
AMSF017 A0051W - Windsock 8' white
AMSF018 A0051Y - Windsock 8' yellow
AMSF019 A0052 - Windsock swivel 12' stainless steel
AMSF020 A0053 - Windsock swivel 8' stainless steel
AMSF021 A0060 - Sea-Saw Windsock Pole
AMSF022 A0020 - Reflector cone triangular
AMSF023 A0021 - Reflector standard cones 750mm Dia, 500mm H, S/S eyelets
AMSF024 A0022 - Reflector mini cone white 400mm Dia, 300mm H, 3 S/S eyelets
AMSF025 A0023 - Reflector mini cone colour 400mm Dia, 300mm H, 3 S/S eyelets
AMSF026 A0057L - Poly-Fabric Vee Bar Markers Large (1 set is 4 V's & 2 Bars) (24 pegs needed)
AMSF027 A0057S - Poly-Fabric Vee Bar Markers Small (1 set is 2 V's & 2 Bars)
AMSF028 Polyfabric Dumbell Marker (to CASA specifications)
AMSF029 Non-returnable pallet
AMSL001 ELF Lamp 3W ses (E12) (4 volt, 8 amp)
AMSL002 Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU) inc. functions to PAALC, AFRU, & AFRU + PAL
AMSL003 PAL Runway Edge Light - Clear
AMSL004 PAL Runway End Light - Red
AMSL005 PAL Runway Threshold Light - Green
AMSL006 PAL Runway Threshold Light - Red/Green
AMSL007 Taxiway light blue
AMSL008 Holding point light yellow
AMSL009 PAL - Clear lens (spare)
AMSL010 PAL - Red lens (spare)
AMSL011 PAL - Green lens (spare)
AMSL012 PAL - Red/Green lens (spare)
AMSL013 PAL - Blue lens (spare)
AMSL014 PAL - Yellow lens (spare)
AMSL015 PAL - Base and Grommet pack only
AMSL016 PAL - Lens retaining nut, yellow
AMSL017 PAL - BA20S lampholder and plate
AMSL018 PAL - G6.35 lampholder and plate
AMSL019 PAL - Gasket (individual)
AMSL020 PAL - Bubble Level
AMSL021 ELF, Clear, filament lamp, no batteries
AMSL022 ELF, Red, filament lamp, no batteries
AMSL023 ELF, Clear, LED lamp, no batteries
AMSL024 ELF, Red, LED lamp, no batteries
AMSL025 ELF, Blue, LED lamp, no batteries
AMSL026 ELF, Green, LED lamp, no batteries
AMSL027 ELF, Yellow, LED lamp, no batteries 
AMSL028 E-flare, Clear, portable LED battery flare for runway edge, no batteries
AMSL029 E-flare, Red, portable LED battery flare for runway edge, no batteries
AMSL030 E-flare, Green, portable LED battery flare for runway edge, no batteries
AMSL031 E-flare, Yellow, portable LED battery flare for runway edge, no batteries
AMSL032 E-flare, Blue, portable LED battery flare for runway edge, no batteries
AMSL033 Rubber mount to suit E-Flare light
AMSL034 Dichroic Filters for PAPI lights
AMSL035 PAPI Projector Units
AMSL036 PAPI Lamps
AMSL037 200W 6.6A/6.6A Transformer for PAPI
AMSL038 4.5kVA Constant Current Regulator
AMSL039 Star Portable - LED Emergency Flare with Rechargeable Batteries  (available in Red, Blue, White, Green & Yellow)
AMSL040 Star Portable - LED Emergency Flare Charger (free if purchasing 6 of the flares)
AMSL041 Primary Joint Kit
AMSL042 Secondary Joint Kit
AMSL043 Primary Airfield Lighting (per meter)
AMSL044 95 MPH Secondary Lead
AMSL045 Secondary Cable
AMSL046 Illuminated Wind Indicator (White) - Standard ALSLED 
AMSL047 Illuminated Wind Indicator - Cyclonic ALSLED - (White) (specify Region when ordering)
AMSL048 Clinometer
AMSL049 Re-Calibrate Clinometer
AMSS001 AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light + 16AMP NIMH Battery - Yellow (holding point lights)
AMSS002 AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light + 16AMP NIMH Battery - White (runway edge light)
AMSS003 AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light + 16AMP NIMH Battery - Blue (apron edge light)
AMSS004 AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light + 16AMP NIMH Battery - Green / Red (runway threshold light)
AMSS005 AV70-HI Solar Aviation Light + 16AMP NIMH Battery - Green (runway threshold light)
AMSS006 Battery - AV70 Solar Aviation Lights (B8-3.6 – 8Ah 3.6v)
AMSS007 Solar Light Mounting Tile (5kg non-slip rubber tile)
AMSS008 AMC/10 Rubber Tile Steel Rod Set (to secure tiles down) one set per tile
AMSS009 AMC/22 - Rubber Tile Security Bolt Set (to secure solar light to tile) one set per tile
AMSS010 AMC/05 - Solar Light Stake Mount Complete Set (for unsealed area)
AMSS011 AMC/06 - Solar Light Concrete Mount Set (for sealed areas)
AMSS012 AFRU - Solar Panel, mounting kit, solar regulator, solar cables (8m x 2) and large battery (the panel will rapidly charge the battery each morning but will be able to charge it fully throughout the day so it is back to 100% capacity before each night)
AMSS013 AV09-4WL Illuminated Wind Indicator Solar Lighting Kit
AMSS014 Illuminated Wind Indicator with Solar Lighting Kit - Standard
AMSS015 Illuminated Wind Indicator with Solar Lighting Kit - Cyclonic
AMSR001 ICOM ICA110 VHF Airband Radio Base Station
AMSR002 ICOM ICA110 power supply and base cabinet
AMSR003 ICA6 Handheld Airband VHF Radio complete with charger
AMSR004 6 drop charger to suit ICA6 Handheld VHF radio's
AMSR005 ICA24 Handheld VHF airband radio with charger
AMSR006 ICA210 Aircraft VHF radio
AMSR007 Base Station Antenna - GP3 adjustable ground plain antenna unity gain
AMSR008 Base Station Antenna - SMD-Side mount dipole unity gain
AMSR009 Base Station Antenna - COL 28 Colinear (3.9m long) 3db gain
AMSR010 RG213 coax cable (per metre)
AMSR011 Coax connector (pair)
AMSR012 ICA110 Vehicle Radio inc. microphone, vehicle mounting bracket and 12v DC power lead
AMSR013 Stainless Steel Vehicle Whip Antenna  - approx 60cm long with 4.5m Coax Cable and Connector
AMSR014 HM173 - Speaker Microphone - to suit ICA24 Handheld Radio 
AMSR015 OPC499 - Headset Adaptor Cable - to suit ICA24 and ICA6 Handheld Radio
AMSR016 LC159 - Carry Case      
AMSR017 Double Earmuff Boom Microphone Headset inc the Icom OPC499 Adaptor Plug (AMSR015 - OPC499 Adaptor Cable must be ordered to go with this)
AMSR018 ICOM ICF-60H FM Waterproof intrinsically approved radio complete with antenna, battery and desk top charger. (Avail in both UHF and VHF.  Specify frequency)
AMSR019 ICR6 Radio inc. belt clip, antenna, 2aa rechargeable batteries and AC to 6v wall charger
AMSE001 Weather Broadcast Unit
AMSE002 Solar charging circuit and panel for Weather Broadcast Unit
AMSE003 Battery - for 12 volt supply to Weather Broadcast Unit
AMSE004 Antenna type 236A (stainless steel)
AMSE005 Antenna clamps Type P14 (stainless to suit 40mm pole mount)
AMSE006 Coaxial cable fitted for AWIB installation (10 metre)
AMSE007 Coaxial cable fitted for AWIB installation (2 metre)
AMSE008 Cavity Filter (C2A-6)
AMSE009 Cavity Filter Mounting Bracket for C2A-6
AMSE010 Coaxial lighting arrestor (to protect broadcast unit)
AMSE011 Pilot Activated Airport Lighting Control (PAALC)
AMSE012 Outdoor weatherproof aluminium cubicle with heat shields, internal switchboard and outlet
AMSE013 Stainless mounting pole for aerial 38.1 mm x 1.6 mm x 3000 mm grade 304 SS Tube
AMSE014 Stainless mounting brackets for pole P11 clamps
AMSE015 Arrange for Airservices/ACMA broadcast licence including first year licence fee (will be arranged in advance by AMS)
AMSM101 Portable Runway Light - Clear
AMSM102 AW12 - Wheel Chock (6" x 6" x 12" (width)) - Suit Fokker 50/100 (pair)
AMSM103 Wind Speed Data Logger