Bird and Animal Management

CASA has created a group called the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group

In July 2011 an advisory circular 139-26(0) was released providing valuable information on actions that aerodome managers should take to manage any aviation or wildlife hazard they have at their areodromes.  To review the AC, please click here.

If you would like to learn more information about the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group, please click here.  They are currently making aerodomes aware of the following:

AAWHG meetings 2012

The first AAWHG meeting for 2012 has been tentitively booked for Tuesday 7 February 2012 in Canberra. 

This and the remaining meetings for 2012 will be confirmed shortly.

To read about previous meetings, please go to meeting minutes.

Federal funding now available to improve safety at remote aerodromes

The Australian Federal Government is currently seeking applications for funding, between now and the 1st of December, so eligible organisations can conduct safety projects at remote aerodromes.  This funding has been made available under the Australian Governments Regional Aviation Access Program (RAAP).

Funding requests will be considered in accordance with the program guidelines and grants will typically be made on a co-funding basis. 

With regard to improving the management of wildlife hazards at aerodromes, the AAWHG believe that eligible projects that remote aerodromes may recieve funding for could include:

  • Upgrading stormwater drainage (to remove standing water);
  • The provision of safety equipment (such as items used to deter wildlife); and
  • Other infrastructure such as animal proof fencing.

The program does not cover landside works including terminals, hangars, buildings or commercial developments.  The following link will take you to the Regional and Remote Aviation web page which contains further information.