Certification & Manuals

Aerodrome Certification
If you are taking the step up in the certified category (for aerodromes used by aircraft with more than 30 seats), AMS can guide you through the process of getting your aerodrome certificate.As a package, AMS can take your aerodrome from uncertified to certified with a minimum of fuss. The package includes:

  • Aerodrome Assessment, Survey & Scope of Works (if required)
  • Aerodrome Manual Development
  • Preparation of aerodrome plans for inclusion in the manual
  • Training of aerodrome staff
  • Management of the certification process through CASA

AMS has managed and helped in the certification of over 40 aerodromes and can help you too. Contact us for more information. 

Aerodrome Manuals
From time to time, AMS comes up with or across new ideas in aerodrome management that we suggest our clients incorporate into their own manuals. By working with AMS, we can help you stay up to speed with the most up to date material and equipment available.