Inspections & Audits

In order to meet regulatory requirements or just to stay on top of things aerodromes are often subject to annual inspections. AMS is well qualified to provide aerodrome inspectors no matter what your requirements are.

Aerodrome Technical Inspections (ATIs) - Certified Aerodromes
Certified aerodromes are required to have an aerodrome technical inspection carried out at least once every 12 months. This inspection covers a number of areas (survey, engineering & electrical) and each area must be carried out by someone qualified to do so.

AMS currently conducts ATIs for the majority of Western Australia's certified aerodromes and a number across the top end.

Aerodrome Annual Electrical Technical Inspections (AETIs) - Certified Aerodromes
CASR139.235(1) states all certified aerodromes must have an aerodrome electrical technical inspection carried out at least once every 12 months. Aerodrome Management Services Pty Ltd has a Grade A Licenced Electrician available to perform these inspections and provide a CASA approved report in compliance with legislative requirements. AMS Electrical Contractors Licence number is EC010503.

Aerodrome Safety Inspections (ASIs) - Registered and "Certain Other" Aerodromes
Under CASRs 139.315 & 139.345, some registered and "certain other" aerodromes must have an ASI completed at least once every 12 months. This inspection must be completed by an approved aerodrome inspector.

AMS has two approved aerodrome inspectors on staff. Kevin Thomas (approval #A012) and Nat Thomas (approval #027) who have completed many ASIs at various aerodromes ranging from small remote communities and small shires to busy mining aerodromes.

Other Inspections & Audits
If your aerodrome or your needs don't fit into the above requirements then AMS can tailor an inspection for your situation. We have carried out safety audits of small aerodromes, operational audits relating to business structure and management and nearly everything in between.

Regardless of your needs - contact us and we can help!

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